Fix & FliP


Winston North Group offers financing to investors looking to buy and sell properties. Leveraging over 10+years of experience and knowledge we determine whether the property presents a safe
investment and a good loan. We underwrite all of our loans to benefit the financial position of the borrower and the community.  We believe that all members of our community should have access to financing the American Dream.

Highlights of this Program are:

· Up to 80% Of The Total Cost of the Project of 65% of the ARV whichever is less
· No Minimum Credit Score
· No Income Qualification
· Previous Bankruptcy, Foreclosure And Short Sales Are Ok – just one year out of short sale
· Minimum Investment of $10,000
• No experience required.  We give equal opportunity to everybody that can dream
· No Due Diligence Or Loan Commitment Fees

We process, close and service all loans by our investors.
Same day pre-approvals and closing within 7 business days of appraisal order.


Winston North Group offers a full range of commercial real estate and hard money loans designed to meet the many needs of our clients. They include:
Permanent Loans – We assist our clients in obtaining the best fixed and floating rates the industry has to offer on these loans. We also negotiate the most favorable terms for our clients.
Refinance and Cash-out Refinance Loans – Like permanent loans, we help our clients secure the best rates and terms the industry offers on these loans and fast closings.
Bridge Loans – We have a large source of lenders for these short term loans mostly through private hard money. We are often able to get interest only payments and payment periods that extend through the ramp up period for our clients. By so doing, our clients do not have to bother with the monthly mortgage payments while renovating or construction the profitable deals.
Private Hard Money – We have a large pool of private hard money lenders, who lend on the following terms:
Equity based private loans!
Property qualifies, not borrower!
No minimum FICO!
No docs required!
No W2's /No 1003 /No paystubs!
No pre-payment penalty!
No appraisal required in most cases!
Easy online submission!
Fast approvals / Fast Closings!
Commercial Construction Loans – We help builders and developers locate lenders that have the most experience with these critical loans. Interest only payments are typical for these loans and we can usually secure 90%+ Loan-to-Cost for our clients.
Standby Commitment – We have access to a number of lenders for these increasingly popular future loans. We also offer a full range of business loans to our clients. These loans can be used to:

Purchase Commercial Real Estate
Purchase Existing Business or Franchise
Expand Your Business
Purchase Inventory and Equipment
Increase Your Working Capital



With 10+ years of experience in lending that betters the financial position of our customers, Winston North Group is very successful in offering and closing loans that no one else can. Our unique lending philosophy – superior service, a complete financial review, and bettering the financial position of the borrower and the community – has allowed us close more of the performing loans.

Second Chance Program Highlights:

· Up To 90% LTV
· No Minimum Credit Score
· Full Doc Only – 43% DTI for owner –occupy properties
· Stated Income for Investment properties
· Bankruptcy, Foreclosure And Shorts Sales Are OK
· Deferred Maintenance Is Acceptable On Purchases
· Up To 7% Seller Help Allowed
· Gift Funds Are Acceptable
· Need 2 Months PITI In Post-Closing Reserves
· May Consider 1st Time Homebuyer With A Larger Down Payment

We process, close and service all loans through our investor partners.
Same day pre-approvals and closing within 10 business days of appraisal order.

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